Hello there! I am Sarah.

I have been working in aesthetic industry for almost 10 years. I love and studied communication and am still learning it every single day. The vision of Cocoa Communications is to be the most valuable communication partner in aesthetic industry throughout ASEAN region by 2031. Cocoa Communications is driven to carry out its mission to transform one’s communication, people and business to be elevated and in harmony. We do what we do in great attention and passion to bring to you the best outcome through an effective and efficient effort with probity, concinnity, audacity and tenacity.

Our Philosophy

What our partners say about COCOA

“Cocoa Communications membangun landasan untuk sumberdaya manusia untuk tampil lebih keluar pada biasanya. Gagasan-gagasan yang dicetuskan membuat dampak jangka panjang untuk perusahaan dapat terus berkembang. All-in-one service yang diberikan membantu meringankan pekerjaan operasional.

Khusus untuk Sarah, dia merupakan cerminan orang yang bekerja keras untuk mempertahankan nilai-nilai yang dia anggap  benar dan telah teruji. Seorang sosok yang berintegritas dan berdedikasi untuk hal-hal yang dikerjakan, seorang pemimpin, pembela dan pembimbing untuk timnya.”

Hariyanto PhangFounder & Managing Director - Optima Print

“Sarah & I go way back and we have been through many different stages of personal development together :) If there is anyone I would trust enough to drive my company in full gear it would be her! Another common denominator that Cocoa and my company have in common is that the very core of the businesses we run are driven by passion and with great passion comes great product, simple as that!”

Kevin Maharis, MDDirector - Maharis Medical Group

Our Services


You have something about your business that is bothering your mind but all the people you share it with seems to cannot relate or understand what you are saying, or neither can they confirm or challenge your idea, or probably you are simply the lone ranger and need a trusted and reliable outsider to listen and to offer you another perspective.

To understand is what we do and to listen is what we enjoy doing. To help you achieve your goals is why we are here.


You have a raw idea but you have limited manpower, no related network or time to do it efficiently and effectively, share it with us. It will be a great pleasure to transform a plan to become a power that propel you to hit your goals.

Our three core advancement are Coaching, Marketing productions, and Translation.

Advancement - Coaching

People are assets, some have agreed to this. People communicate daily yet it’s effectiveness depends on whether people ignite and accelerate their communication activities to reach solutions by using the right fuel, which is understanding. Some don’t have time, some has already at wits end and the other has already lost their appetite to understand. Let us understand your people and create bridges to assure your people are stay connected and working together to protect your business’s efficiency.

Advancement - Marketing Productions

Printed collaterals (brochures, banners, invitation, advertorial, etc)

Events (trade show, media luncheon, product/clinic launching)

Online tools (website, social media, blogs)

Advancement - Translation

Cocoa highly appreciates one’s passion hence when we do translation not only we deliver the definition but also the meaning and the spirit attached to your message. We provide translation service both in oral and writing from English to Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa. Language is a communication instrument. Let us help you keeping it that way and prevent it to become a communication barrier.

Consultancy & Advancement

It is a combination of both services, consultancy and advancement. This combination  provides a thorough business communication service tailored to meet your needs. It is a keen privilege to become your communication partner.

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